Current USGS lake info: level = 361.46 ft | outflow = 1880 cfs what is this? News

May 20, 2023 - We are about to make some changes on the website to make it more usable for guests. The registration is back so if you want to create an account it's free. This will allow you to like places and events, as well as comment on things. Some features aren't working yet but members will have their own calendar with subscribed events and will be able to add their own events and reminders for their own personal use.

If you have a business, your account is still free and you can manage your own business' place page. If the page already esists, just click the claim link on the page or if it isn't already there, you can create a page from your "My Places" link in your member profile. It's all free and if you need or want anything special done to make the site better, just let me know to contact you by leaving a comment on my page. Also if you have any events that your business is hosting, you can add them to the calendar for everyone to see. Also free. The interface is a little crude and unpolished, in time we will get the kinks worked out and things will be better.

May 17, 2023 - WLAA has a new website, it is There is also a link to their website on their Place page.